The Apartment Selector Service has been an active participant since 1959 in assisting renters move accross the street or from around the world.

Our business model works at the local level in several ways.

For Altanta, Austin, Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Fort Worth, Houston,Jacksonville, Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Phoenix, Raleigh,San Antonio, you may join directly as a Leasing Specialist. In under a week you will be trained on interviewing prospects, pre-selling apartment communities and the other aspects of a Leasing Specliast. Click here to learn more or to send us you information.

Outside the existing markets we are expanding with local property managers, real estate companies or those interested in a businss relevant to the times. Join as a licensee and recieve the benefits of a company in business since 1959 with a singular focus of matching renters to available apartment and rental vacancies. Click here to learn more about incorporating Apartment Selector into your local busienss. Beneifts include training programs, software and world wide presence from the internet. Think of us a marketing company solving the needs of renters.

Overview: What do apartment locators do?

What does it mean to be a professional at Apartment Selector: