Stacy Messick Kansas City KS

Hi, I'm Stacy

Stacy knows first-hand how overwhelming & challenging it can be to search for a place to live. Whether surfing through the web, calling each & every community you are interested in, emailing back & forth, or driving around and visiting places; it is a lot of work to move. There are many decisions to make while looking for the next place you will call home. Stacy has helped to shape the downtown Kansas City area into what it has become today. She has over a decade of involvement with the established Power & Light district from the very beginning of its development. Stacy has worked with a variety of communities such as; historical builds in downtown, high rises located in the Country Club Plaza area, suburban community by Zona Rosa-located north near Kansas City Airport, and brand-new luxury builds in high demand areas of downtown Kansas City. Stacy is an advocate for Kansas City and what it has to offer to those who choose to call it their home. There is a place for everyone, you just need to know the right someone. Stacy has a medical background with a degree in radiology, resourcing her desire to help care for others she uses her wide range of skill sets to share with you the endless possibilities of what KC has to offer. After all this is the Show Me state, with so many options of where to live, let Stacy show you the best fitting options for your desires and needs within your future home. The majority of our income is spent on mortgage or rent for a place to live or a place to sleep. Invest in your living situation today and get more for less through our FREE services by contacting Stacy with your information and specifics so she can help you to locate your next home.

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